One of the more popular racing classes in AHRMA, 200 Grand Prix Plus, has been re-energized in large part by a high school motorcycle constructor program called BUILD. The BUILD program, starting with sponsorship by the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, provides teams of high school students in the Milwaukee area with funds to acquire, restore and compete with 160-175cc Honda street bikes manufactured in the '60s and '70s. The total permitted budget for each project of the BUILD program is miniscule.
The BUILD Program and AHRMA
Build Program competitor
Each year, since the beginning of the program in 2011, BUILD teams recruit qualified racers to campaign their bikes in one or more AHRMA races and exhibit them at vintage motorcycle meets.
A BUILD team racer competing in the GP 200 Plus class joins the post-race queue where each machine receives a brief technical inspection to verify the machine is race-worthy for following races.
Other racers, high school age or not, have taken to the concept of low cost race-restorations of the small Hondas, most capping the investment in their personal projects at around $2,000. They race alongside BUILD bikes and other machines that qualify for the GP 200 Plus class.
Like most AHRMA race classes, bikes eligible to compete in GP 200 Plus (including BUILD program bikes) are designated by specific model and production year to create competitive groups of racers.
GP 200 Plus racers make the dash for their waiting machines in a classic Le Mans start.